Ronny Heiremans

Potential Estate at Brussels Biennial Presenting "The Crying of Potential Estate" from October 19th 2008 till January 4th 2009 in the former Post Sorting Center in Brussels South Station

Potential Estate (2006- ) is a Belgian collaborative* research project that operates along models of self-organization and participation. The collective’s practice is highlighted in public events, a website, and a series of cabinets.
For the Brussels Biennial they will be developing a project along
The Crying of Potential Estate (2008), a film of murder, money and multiplicity developed from a PE-scenario for a real-time auction. Against the backdrop of this public auction, a lethal plot is being executed.
The three characters in the story – Wally Hope, The Indian and The Tiny Economist – cohabit in the lining of a national space. Belgium, the little U.S. village born out of Belgian emigration, becomes the stake of a new conquest. Moved by the intrigue that is cut in various lots sold to the highest bidder, the present audience – spectators, investors and passers-by – rashly shifts position from extra to actor in becoming an accomplice to a long-drawn murder.
Equally a scenario, an event and a narrative placement, The Crying of Potential Estate (2008) ties the different modes of production into a science fiction story.

A future ‘residency’ was the key issue around which Potential Estate was initially conceived. After an exploratory mission, Belgium, a small suburban entity in Wisconsin, U.S. - founded by their 19th century Belgian and Luxemburg ancestors - was identified as a possible ‘residential’ site. Rather than setting a target to be realized it became a critical focus for Potential Estate activating a reflection on transnationality.

* Brussels Biennial configuration (2008) is David Evrard, Ronny Heiremans, Pierre Huyghebaert, Vincent Meessen and Katleen Vermeir, in collaboration with Kristin Rogghe and Veronique Vaes.