Ronny Heiremans

Since 2006 Potential Estate, have been developing a mobile, pars pro toto format – a Cabinet – in which knowledge dilutes itself into tales. Each Cabinet is a chapter in a plurivocal narrative whose epilogue is continually postponed. Using auctions, drinking games, bowling alleys, films, t-shirts and rodeos, Potential Estate invoke the ghosts of forgotten Modern figures, who often appear to them as venomous tricoloured snakes.

Cabinet David Bald Eagle

takes us to the first ’Wild West’ village in Belgium, which is explored through performances and non-academic lectures, and their new film screened on the bus.

Salon5 - Performative Journeys - Argos Center for Art and Media
12 September 2010, 11:00 - 17:00

Please note: this event has a limited capacity of 50 people, and booking in advance is therefore required. — Please contact or 02/ 229 00 03. — Entrance Fee: € 15 including picnic on location

Meeting at 10.45am at Argos, Werfstraat/rue du chantier 13, 1000 Brussels